It getting late darling what did you have on your mind
I’m not trying to rush you, but we’re wasting so much time
Let me just take control, I know what your gonna like
I can’t take it anymore baby I just want to love you right
I can’t make any kind of promises, of how it’s gonna be
I just go with it baby I let the moment take over me
So Just you lay back baby and I’ll get you in the mood
That’s the only thing That I know for sure, I’m gonna do to you

Just put you body in my hand
We don’t have any plans
Let’s let our instincts kick in
Animalistic love over and over again
Let let our insects guide us tonight
I instinctively want you all the time.
It Maybe love making passion
Or spankings and hair pulling.
It doesn’t matter what it is gonna be
As long as we do it instinctively.

By Gary Agurries

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