Standing Right Here

You’d think I learn but I never do
I was a fool for thinking that you
Could ever love someone Like me
I feel so foolish how stupid can I be
I try to stay strong, hope for the best
Hold my head up even though I’m a mess
I don’t hurt, lie, trick, or try to pretend
I try to be sweet, kind a real gentleman

It only take me to the End
It’s always over before it began
I don’t think I can take it no more
I’m not what anyone is looking for

It stings my pride again and again
So much so I want this to end
I have no place in this universe
At least now I won’t feel the hurt

I have no one to say goodbye too
The way it all ended up who knew
Why would anyone even care
They don’t and I’m standing right here.

By Gary Agurries

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