Remember You Always Have Me

I need a moment to process all that has come to be.
Sift through all that we had, examine every single memory.
The place where I had once imagined we’d be right now
Isn’t what I ever wanted, The total opposite of how it turned out
But yet your still a thought in my mind every single day
And for your happiness and well being I definitely do pray
Even though this isn’t where I wanted us to be in the end
I still care about you so much and consider you a dear friend
I still believe our paths crossing was so meant to be
If there is any time your ever in need, Remember You Always Have Me

By Gary Agurries

4 thoughts on “Remember You Always Have Me

    1. Yes you are so right, we do our best to but sometimes what you want doesn’t want you. So to keep a little sanity and don’t go off the deep end. You face reality and maybe your better as a friend.
      Thank you I appreciate it so.

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