Parents Need To Be Held Accountable.

Ok Cop Shoots children in multiple places in America. I believe the children’s parents should be held accountable. Why are the kids stabbing other kids or out with guns. And when the police arrive they have no respect for authority, bad things happen. Instead of asking why did the child have to die, ask where were the parents. Start holding the right people accountable. Tired of seeing police officers asking people to go home from protest or to stop. And the people act as if it’s there right to destroy and harm others. And god forbid the police have to do their job. Start teaching the youth of america to do the right thing. Don’t stand by and record others getting hurt or things getting destroyed. Have enough seance to say this isn’t right stop or help. People need to be responsible for their own actions.

By Gary Agurries

6 thoughts on “Parents Need To Be Held Accountable.

  1. You are absolutely right! I think this started way back when I was still teaching school and parents would come in and start the conversation, with my child said…. instead of what is happening with my child? We focus on the terrible consequences, but not on why they happened. Parents need to teach their children that cooperation (with the police in particular) is a survival skill, not just an option if you don’t like what is going on.

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    1. Yes, parents need to be parents and teach your children to have respect for their elders, authority and human life. After the movie theater shooting in Aurora Colorado, I lived not a mile away from where it had happened. I was going to take the kids that night. Once we heard of what had happened, I got the kids and went down to the theater to the candlelight vigils and to see the aftermath of someone acting out of hate and anger. To see how many lives were destroyed and effected in such a little amount of time. Way before that I taught my kids how to shoot and they have had gun safety classes. Not so they can shoot people but to know the destruction of the weapon. I just want people to think, and take responsibility for there actions. Parents need to be parents, the kids are young and need guidance.

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      1. It’s very sad, And I don’t accept a different time different way of parenting. If you love your child you’ll do all you can to see your child succeed. Or at least be a good human being. Thank you for your like and comments, I really do appreciate them.

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