Artist That Shaped My Love Of Music Part 1.

There are so many Artists that I love, respect and admire. Music from my child hood that did more than inspire. The music I felt it and set of a curiosity inside me. How did they do that, who wrote that, what is the true meaning of the song and so on. This is a list of the biggest influences in my life. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Elvis was one of my first memories of music, I listen to his records watched his movies. I told my neighbors that Elvis was my name when I was three years old. I just love how he preformed, a good singer, better performer.

Smokey Robinson, I would read the album inserts as a child and on a lot of albums I kept seeing a name over and over and over. It was Smokey Robinson, wrote for everyone at Motown. I also noticed that the Miracles had a female in the group at the beginning and then she was gone. A few years later I found out It was Claudette his 1st wife.

Speaking of Motown, my favorite group and still is one today, the Temptations. It was the performance, and the voices of Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin. They could sing and they were so uniquely different. My first time singing on a stage in public was My Girl with a few buddy’s of mine. The look on the girls faces when we were done. Made me love music so much more at that point.

The Jacksons, amazed me because I seen them as kids in the music industry. I remember I was amazed Kids were making music. And Michael I have a whole other post about his influence.

Earth, Wind and Fire, were bigger than life. So much sound to wrap my mind around.

The Bee-Gee’s brother making and writing music together.

Prince I liked the songs I understood, as I got older, I loved his songs, his writing and performing. And other artist’s he wrote for, The Time, The Beagles, and so many more. Just one of the best of all times

New Edition is still one of my favorite groups. From the group spun Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown, B.B.D and Jonny Gill. That’s one hell of a list of stars. I love all their music together or apart.

Troop, I first heard them at an MC Hammer Concert when I was 14 blew my mind. All I do is think of you, was one of my hidden gems from the Jacksons and Sweet November is one from The Deele that they do along with so many of their songs.

Babyface like Smokey has written songs That I absolutely adore. He is one hell of a writer, singer and business man.

Whitney Houston, her voice blew me away the first time I heard her. She was so damn good and had such a great personality.

Wham or George Michaels, this guy could sing, write and perform. And it looked like fun, it made you want to dance.

Debbie Gibson, I worked at Taco Bell,( at 14 I lied about my age to get the job) with Chris Chavez he was one of Debbie’s musicians. I got her autograph and learned she wrote and composed her songs, this young woman not much older than me, I was amazed.

Thank you for stopping by my page, i really do appreciate you so much. Let me know if any of these artists influenced you or some of your favorites.

Gary Agurries

3 thoughts on “Artist That Shaped My Love Of Music Part 1.

  1. George Michael’s Faith album was a huge favorite of mine. It was in the cassette deck of my car for more than a year, played it every morning and evening, to and from work. I never every song by heart!

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