Keeping Her

Do you remember laying eyes on the most beautiful woman in this world

You said you would do everything and anything to make her your girl

To get her attention you made sure that she was going to notice you

You were sweet, funny, charming and all those romantic things you’d do

You wanted to spend every second of the day, right by her side

And how passionately you made love to her all through the night

How you felt in the beginning, you have to keep fuel to that fire

Because its not the getting her, its about the keeping her

Everyday you show her that she is love and still desired

It shouldn’t be hard since you spent all that time and effort

She loves you and you know each and everything about her

Be romantic, spontaneous, be the best friend and lover

Make her feel like the luckiest woman in the world

Its not the getting, its about keeping that very special girl

By Gary Agurries

5 thoughts on “Keeping Her

    1. Thank you so very much, people forget or get complacent in a relationship. Just a reminder it was so hard to find her, love and appreciate her you’ll be able to keep her. Thank up once again have a great night.


      1. You are so welcome. Gary, fyi, I have turned off notifications for comment replies for now, due to some unpleasantness elsewhere around the web, which may be due to my apparent inability to communicate clearly… but I am happy I checked back here! Kudos for all your kind and beautiful poetry. xoxo

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