As the powerful sounds of the horns filled the air
The beat from the drum and tapping of a snare
The melody followed with tickling of the ivorys
Strokes and plucking were apparent from some strings
This most very distinctive sound you can’t confuse it
It’s the audible pleasure that we know as music
It can change a mood or make you forget your worries
It can make you move or being back old memories
People use it to meditate, or to motivate and exercise
It seems that everyone has it as part of their lives
Nomatter how you listen to or decided to use it
Everyone everywhere seems to absolutely love Music.

By Gary Agurries

5 thoughts on “Music

  1. Love this. I totally agree, music can completely transform moods. It even sets time travel experiences, when listening to certain songs it takes me to past times as strongly as if I was currently there. Thanks for sharing Gary.❤️

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