Grunge Music

Grunge was here then gone? Or was it a transformation to a alternative sound. Looking back at Grunge bands the #1 is definitely Nirvana, they were the face and sound of grunge. Then you had Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Sound Garden, 4 non blondes, cranberries and a hand full of other groups. But none had the worlds attention like Nirvana did. Kurt Cobain’s crazy lyrics along with some of the best musical arrangements put to music. They could make nothing sound like something and gave it meaning.

Grunge music has what has been called an “ugly” aesthetic, both in the roar of the distorted electric guitars and in the darker lyrical topics. This approach was chosen both to counter the “slick” elegant sound of the then-predominant mainstream rock and because grunge artists wanted to mirror the “ugliness” they saw around them and shine a light on unseen “depths and depravity” of the real world

Here are some of the biggest Grunge songs, that I remember and had to investigate if they were still considered Grunge. Hope you envoy them.

Thank you for visiting my page hope you enjoyed this look at Grunge Music, let me know what were your favorite Grunge bands and or songs. I really do appreciate your feed back.

Gary Agurries

5 thoughts on “Grunge Music

  1. To me Smashing Pumpkins are the kings of alternative. They were there right beside all the early bands, and just had this really cool aesthetic and aura to their sound. Granted they did have to evolve with the grunge wave, but they always crafted their own quality to the movement. I’ve found I enjoy listening to their albums all the way through and corgan is a brilliant songwriter. Other bands had huge hits but the pumpkins had consistency to their albums along with their hit songs.

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    1. They were defiantly in a class of their own. They did things they way they wanted. I know that The Cure were an influence on them, and to put them in a group with grunge or goth rock. They just made music and that’s what I respected from the Smashing Pumpkins myself. Thank you for your comment I really do appreciate It and made me have remember the type of music the Smashing Pumpkins had an effect on me.


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