See You Like I Do

Girl there you are

Hands on your face sitting on the floor

You been there all night all alone

Crying and dying now that he’s gone

I don’t understand how you love someone

Who treats you worse than trash

When your together you don’t have fun

I never see you really smile or laugh

You really care about him so much

And he never gives anything back

You still say that you’re in love

I never seen love look so bad

He doesn’t acknowledge that you’re there

He never shows you that he cares

Stand back and see things for what they are

Take a look don’t be afaid to listen to your heart

At least see your self with someone new

Look for someone that’s going to appreciate you

Look for a love that is real, a love that’s true

See how special you are, see your self like I see you.

By Gary Agurries

4 thoughts on “See You Like I Do

    1. Thank you, it was inspired by females I’ve seen treated so wrongly. I just want them to see how special each and everyone of them are. Thank you so much for the inspiring words, they mean so much coming from you. Thanks once again.

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