With Out You

I wake up in the morning, stretch, reach out but there is no one to hold

The sun is up, high in the sky its the middle of july. Then why am I so cold

Get up getting ready for the day, things I want to say. There’s no one to talk to.

I repeat my routine day after day, why don’t it feel the same with out you.

I try to convince my self, I’m moving on I’m staying strong. Its nothing but a lie, everyday I die. There’s no living with out you.

I put a smile on my sad face. I go from place to place. But its getting old, your body mine aches to hold. I don’t know what to do.

With out you, life really ain’t worth living.

With out you, your the only one my loves giving.

With out you, I reminisce about us. I can’t move on.

With out you, I don’t need anything. Your all that I want.

Girl can’t you see, there is no real me. It’s sad but true, I’m nothing with out you.

Gary Agurries

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