Bruno Mars Through My Eyes

Through my eyes is just like it sounds, a look at an artist from my point of view. Every one has their own opinion and this is mine.

I know if you have seen most or should say all my reviews they have been female. So doing one on not just any Male artist, my absolute very favorite artist Bruno Mars. He has made me say DAMN that was freaking fire track time and time again. He has songs that I found that we’re released and banned in the US because of contracts, language in fine print, what ever the case if you haven’t heard them your missing a chunk of this man career. But Even though he is the biggest star on the planet, he had to pay his dues and had very hard times. Born in Hawaii, as Peter Hernandez, his family had a group, did show’s and Bruno a nickname his father gave him. So Bruno joined the group impersonating artist as Michael Jackson, little Anthony an more. He became famous for his impersonation of Elvis. Even was on the Arseno Hall show when he was 5. When his parents got divorced and no more group, Bruno was a teen, and his family found them self’s homeless. Him, Father and other family members stayed strong and pick them self’s back up. Bruno moved to California to pursue a music career as advised by his sister. Bruno got called in for auditions and didn’t have bus fair to get there. Bruno was signed by Motown, they wanted Bruno for their Latin division. Bruno didn’t want to do Latin and just latin music. Bruno knew he’d be big and needed a name with some spark. Adding Mars to his name cause the ladies would tell him he’s out of this world. Also to not be stereotyped as was happening at Motown. With A dream turned to disaster that became a blessing. With all the labels bringing Bruno in and he did everything, sang as a background vocalist, back up dancer, he wrote, listened , learned. And when it was his long awaited time he took off like a rocket still flying higher and further than anyone has ever gone. To say I have a few favorite songs from this man would be a lie. I have so many of his songs that I love, even his song from Sesame Street. Bruno Mars 24k is my number 1 absolute favorite album of all times. And the greatest line in a song, “lets kiss till we’re naked” what a line. So here are some songs of the man the myth the legend Bruno Mars, hope you love them as much as I do.

i know it’s a lot of songs, but trust me it’s not even close to the number of songs I absolutely love from the man. He also wrote a lot of hits. He can play just about any instrument you think of. Is it apparent that I really do enjoy Bruno Mars music. Now he will be releasing an album as Silk Sonic, ft Anderson Paak. Should be 5 degree, alarm sounding fire tracks on it, I can bet on that. If you hit the favorites its a link to playlist on the next line, hint. Let me know what are your favorites, Bruno Mars songs. Thank you for visiting, I really do appreciate you.

Gary Agurries

7 thoughts on “Bruno Mars Through My Eyes

  1. I love the way you write about music!! The passion carries us along. Some of these songs are so swoony. And wow that is a very succinctly sweet and sensual lyric line. :)) 😚👌🎶

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    1. I didn’t want to make it too wordy, some artist I could go on for hours talking about them. I try to keep it short and to the point. Thank you so much, you know I appreciate you and your opinion goes a long way with me. You have a great night.

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      1. Yeah, the length was great. There are no paragraph breaks showing in Reader view though… that’s the only odd thing I noticed. Wondering if that was on purpose or if it is a Block editor glitch. Just wanted to let you know in case it’s the latter. Have a lovely eve. 😊


    1. I admire him a lot, he is a very special talent. I compared him to Michael Jackson about 3 years ago. He responded back thanking me, and very humbly said he had a way to go to vet to that level. He is definitely on the right track. Thank you so much, your comment means a lot to me. Have a great night

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