Self Esteem

Guys from her past, messed with her mind and they got her questioning..

They made her feel low, played head games, all to destroy her self esteem.

I don’t know why she don’t see herself in the way that I see.

Why it’s crazy She don’t know she is as perfect as perfect can be

she don’t have to be something else, all she has to do is be her self.

Her being her, she’s more than enough don’t need no help

she want’s a second opinion, I know just who to ask, I myself and Me.

The votes in it’s unanimous, we all seem to agree, we see nothing but beauty.

I know it’s hard not to pay attention or to listen to what other have to say.

They win if you do, they’ll have you doubt your self see things differently.

They are insecure, intimidated, jealous that’s why they keep on hating

Let me feed your ego, show you all that you are to me, let me reignite your self esteem.

By Gary Agurries

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