Where Did Love Go

The sun rises and I wake up in the morning 

I wonder every day where is my life going

I sit here at the foot of this king size bed

Taking deep breaths, my hands on my head

And ask the universe will I ever love again

Things are not looking good I must admit 

It’s been too long, too many lonely nights

I don’t really look for love, I barely even try

It used to to be so easy to find the next one

I was always out being myself and having fun

I don’t know What happened to this world

It used to be so natural for a boy to love a girl

Now no one wants that kind of relationship 

They’re all speaking in a language I don’t get

Its like my hearts out dated a thing in the past 

No one believes in romance I’m 1 of the last 

So do I keep looking for love, or document it

History of love so this world won’t forgot 

How great meeting someone face to face

And actually going out on a real date

Feeling nervous, wanting everything to go right

And if you were lucky you’d get a kiss goodnight.

By Gary Agurries

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