Worth It

As we chatted, I felt I knew you instantly 

A relationship would begin, Its destiny 

so many things in common, it  just felt right

We had been almost  living the same life

Fate kept us apart, love we both tried to find

never at the same place at the same time

We could’ve passed each other, not noticing 

At The same party So close, yet still unseen

Why now have my eyes focused just on you

What’s different, what has changed my view

Like smoke and mirrors to give misdirection 

Set us on a path of an instant connection 

Eyes open, you never know what you’ll see

Nothings there to see, until you just blink

The world has changed right in front of me

I guess I wasn’t ready to appreciate you yet

We had to be everything to us before we met

If not our love may have not blossom like this

All the love and happiness I’d of missed

So the wait was so worth it, I agree

Now that I know how great this love could be.

By Gary Agurries 

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