As I look at you, I remember why I first talked to you

Together there is a whole lot that we have been through

How did we get here, when did things get so bad

I remember how we’d have so much fun and just laugh

Back then we were in that stupid kind of love we didn’t care

Look at us now, how the hell did we end up here

It was me and you, we had big plans for this life

Now it takes just one word, and we start to fight

I wonder if I’ll think of you from time to time

When you were the one thing always on my mind

We know eachother more then we know our selves

If it’s not me when your in trouble, who do you call for help.

On holidays are we going to have dates or just sit at home

Will we move on to someone else or are we just going to be alone

I know, you have to go but I don’t want to say Good-bye

I don’t think I’m strong enough, not to.. start to Cry.

Good-bye, it’s filled with so much sorrow

Good-bye, this is it there is no tomorrow

Good-bye, I can’t believe it’s all over now

Good-bye, are the last words I’ll hear from your mouth.


By Gary Agurries

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