Playing Games

This game is the classic match up, of boy vs girl

Be ready its truth or dare, give that bottle a twirl

Like in chess take your time it’s all about the strategy 

Know your opponent,  like I know she be wanting me

Life’s craps,  you have to throw those dice sometimes 

All my chip stacks are placed on that pass line 

There is no trivia, that I’m in pursuit 

Like a bank heist, I’m taking all that loot

I’m so hungry hungry for those hips though 

I have to stay calm and in control 

Steady with the heart, don’t want the buzzer to blow

She’ll slap it down and scream I’m her uno

I’ve been checker and I like what I see

I’m ready to jump her, so she’ll king me

I really want to tag her and make her it

Playing games neither one of us want to quit

Playing games

Girl twister is what I’m thinking 

Playing games

It’s a hit, she has my battleship sinking 

Playing games

Janga my tower is strong it won’t fall

Playing games 

I want to poker, girl it’s your call

By Gary Agurries 

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