Against The Current – Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes is just what it says, my look at a band from my point of view. Every one has their own opinion, this is mine.

Against The Current has been one of my favorite bands from their covers on YouTube to their start of original material. I was so very impressed by the content of their songs and the way it was written. Chrissy Costanza was so young and wrote so poetically, she can write very very well. I recalled listening to their music and I heard their song Roses before I thought. I gave the song my undivided attention and It hit me like a fraight train. I thought oh my God, she is a great writer to make me feel such emotions from a song. Will Ferri is the drummer who makes it look so simple, he is so chill at it and doing it very well. You know someone who make things look easy, it’s because they are very skilled.. as he is. Dan Gow, he plays lead guitar. And like Will, he is great their music has a lot of different melodies, and go from hard rock to indy pop sounds. He strums along not missing a beat. Like I said they have a lot of different musical changes so they use touring musicians. Jeremy Rompala has played keyboard and guitar with the band as a member and touring member also. He has added his skill to this versatile rock band. I really have been a fan and they are working on their new Album, first single released a few months ago. A harder sound then their pervious album, but not anything they can handle. Whether hard rock or alternative pop, they do it very well. Past Lives, their album released in mid 2018 is still one of my favorite albums of all times. Here are a few of my favorite songs from ATC hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I hope you enjoyed listening to Against The Current as much as I do. Let me know what your favorite ATC songs are and what you thought of the song Rose’s.

Thank you so very much for visiting.

Gary Agurries

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