Kiiara – Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes Its just what it says, a look at an artist from my point of view. Every one has their own opinion and this is mine.

Kiiara blew me away the very first time I heard her. The song Gold made me want to hear more from this brand new artist that took me by surprise. If you seen any of my past music reviews, then you have seen and heard me talk about her, that’s forsure. Kiiara has had other songs that I love as much, but doesn’t get the recognition for them. I still have to show people her work. They know the song they don’t know this amazing young gifted talent that she is. I think she is so creative when it comes to her lyrics. She has a beautiful mind and I’m in love with it. She comes at you from all directions and it’s a pleasurable suprise to say the least. She has a new Album out called Lil Kiiwi. Another thing she used a double I like in the spelling of her stage name Kiiara. She is so good and has the sweetest voice that you can’t help but soak in every word that floats from her lips to your ears. I just think she is such a great artist that everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing her work. So her are my favorites so you can do so.

Hope you enjoyed listening this collection of favorite songs by Kiiara. Let me know what you thought and which ones are your favorite Kiiara songs and or stories.

Thank you for visiting I appreciate it so much.

Gary Agurries

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