Dev – Through My Eyes

It’s just what it says through My Eyes, is a look at an artists from my point of view. Every one has their opinion, this is mine.

Dev she is and was an artist, way before her time. She has been laying down sweet vocals and spiting mad rhymes over the some of the best beats out there. She caught my attention doing a song with Nervo, then I had to know who this amazing talent was. Then I finally discovered who did the song Bass Down Low. I had liked her music but didn’t know who she was, (I love the internet). She has worked with a lot of artist none more than the artists and producers, the Cataracts. I love her catchy intro to their songs. It’s The Cataracts. Dev has just been in the music game for a while and has been putting out great music. I feel she never got the credit she deserves. She took a few lines from her song Booty Bounce and made it a chorus for with Far East Movement in Like A G6. She has put out songs that when I’m jamming them, people ask who is this. So I know if you like dance, hip hop, your gonna love her as much as I do. Her are some of my favorites, so you can decide for your self.

Hope you enjoyed Dev’s Music as much as I do. Let me know your favorite Dev songs and or her collaborations with other artists.

Thank you so much for visiting.

Gary Agurries

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