Avril lavigne – Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes it’s just what it says, it’s a look at an artist, from my point of view. Everyone has their own opinion, this is mine.

Once I heard Avril for the first time, I knew I’d be a fan of hers forever. I was just a boy listening to a girl how can I make it anymore obvious. She came out with a punk, pop sound that the world loved in an instant. Avril has since put out hit after hit and grown as an artist and as a woman. Still she has her just have fun let loose, those who cares kind of songs. That bad girl persona about her, she don’t give a f*#@ and dose her own thing. That’s why I love her so much, and the way she speaks her mind. When I went back to her earlier videos and seen this tomboy skater chic blossom into a absolutely beautiful woman. I was like wow she changed then listening to her music, she still has that attitude, Even though she has grown she still has that wild side about her that we all love to see. Avril’s music is just the best to let go for awhile and have forget. Then come back to the same O same O life we have. So join me in letting loose and enjoy some of my very favorite songs from Avril lavigne, (The Motherfuckin Princess).

I hope you enjoyed listening to Avril lavigne as mush as I do. Let me know what are your favorites from Avril and or the soft ballet side or the hyper fun songs of hers.

Thank you for visiting, I really do appreciate you.

Gary Agurries

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