As December Falls – Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes is just how it sounds, a look at artists Through My Eyes. Everyone has their own opinion, and this is mine.

What can be said about this band in a few words.. Energy, Preserving, Talented, Real, Great People. I recall coming across one of their videos about 5 years ago and I was hooked. I loved their sound. Bethany’s voice was this punchy, powerful and then soft and smooth in a drop of a dime. Then just getting into the music, their drummer is so energetic, just banging out those beats. Lucas has become one of favorite drummers out there. The guitar riffs are on point, Ande, Will and Timmy shredding with the best of them. They all do their part and they all freaking rock at it. They are who I think of when you hear the word Rock Band. A band of people that come together and just rock. If you know me you heard the band As December Falls come out of my mouth about a thousand times. I became a fan and a believer in them, I have been watching them develop from a fun band to a good band to wow they can rock, kind of band. I really do believe they are as good as I say and even better. They had success on their UK tour, where here in the states all I could do is just watch them sell out venue after venue. I was so happy for them. And once I seen they sold out all dates, it literally brought me to tears, That’s how much I believe in them. And Now I couldn’t be more Happier… Happier is the Title of the upcoming Album, how fitting. So here are some of my favorites from As December Falls. Lord knows that if you follow me you’ll always hear me talk about them, now you can hear for yourself.

Thanks for visiting and let me know what you thought, and let me know which are your favorite As December Falls songs

Gary Agurries

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