Ava Max – Through My Eye’s

Through My Eye’s , is as look at artists, you got it through my eyes, what I think. I know every one has their own opinion, this is mine.

let me Introduce this amazing talented goddess named Ava Max. Ava’s album took a little longer than she would of liked to be released. But now that it is, you’d think this was a greatest hit album. Single after single, all up beat anthems. Ava does what Ava knows, that is how to create Bops and Bangers. Ava is a very self assured person who likes to help other get to that level as well. Still very young she has been putting in the work to get where she is today. I heard a comment from her she said. Even though it was a long and tough road, getting here she wouldn’t change a thing. To fail just makes you stronger and from that failure you come out the other side a winner. That’s what I love about her, she is so positive and inspiring. She doesn’t have time for haters, they usually are consumed with keeping everyone down. Because they them self’s won’t try or have tried and failed. She definitely is a Bold, Outspoken, and absolutely one of a kind. Here are a few of the tracks of hers I love so much.

Hope you enjoyed Ava Max as Much as I do, and trust me there are more tracks of hers to listen to. And will be a lot more to come from her. Tell your favorite ones.

Thank you for listening and let me know what you think and If your an Avatar as well.

Gary Agurries.

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