My Music Best Of The Best List in 2020

I know you didn’t think I was going to phone it in with just a playlist. This list of artists or any artist this year desirves great admeiration for bringing joy to our world. In a time of dispaire, giving us hope and if nothing more then a distraction to our quarentined exsistance. This is a list of some artists that I been following for quite some time and seeing them devlope as entertainers or just a human beings. Also alot of newly discovered artists that I will no doubt enjoy watching them develop as well. Each and every one on my list are an amazing talent in their own way. It was hard to come up with a top 100, could of did top 200 or more. So let’s begin, here are my Absolute Favorites of 2020

Dua Lipa – Break My Heart(Future Nostalgia). Dua put together a collection of hit on this album. I love each and every track. Once I heard snipps of it as Dua did a release party on YouTube. I had to get it and take my time with each and every song. An album like this just hits you and you know its going to be amoung one of the all time best. I said it in April that this has to be Album of the year and I still stand by that.

Ava Max – Who’s Laughing Now. ( Heaven & Hell) Ava has to have 5 tracks off this album on the charts right now. Ava is one of the best and she makes it look so easy. She has fun with what she does and it showes. If I had not said Dua would have the Album of the year in writing, I’d say Ava has a Album of the year type album as well. I love her and all she does.

Kiiara – I Still Do ( lill Kiiwi) Kiiara being third on my list is really my Absolute Favorite she is amazing, I love the way she thinks. The way she writes just blows me away, and her voice is so sweet and real. Her Album has so many songs I love, I Still Do was the first on this album that I flipped over. So So good. Took me back to Gold her first song I’ve ever heard and loved it right away and I Still Do😁 Kiiara is just the Absolute best, I love her so much.

Doja Cat – Like That ( Hot Pink). Doja has amazed me this year with her own album and being on every one elses. She is deffinetly putting in the hard work. She is an amazing talent that can sing and rap with the best of them. She is my favorite new artist that I have been Listening too for a short period of time. Juicy came out last year, as did the album hot pink. But 2020 is when it got most of its play. She is already on top and only going to keep rising, love her.

Zedd & Jasmine Thompson – Funny Zedd hasn’t released am album that this track is on, that I know of but this single is hot. Jasmine just makes Zedds sound that much more better. I can’t get enough, like Emily Warren who does alot of songs with Chainsmokers. I hope Jasmine is Zedd’s Emily Warren. They work so great together.

Too Be Continued…. Press link below!! For next 6 thru 25 Artist’s.

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