My Music Top List Of 2020

this is my music list of 2020. Songs 76 thru 100 (5 of 5)

Griffin and Carly Rea Jepson – OMG. Griffin is on fire this year making his mark in the music industry. And with the pop Queen, Carly Rea Jepson is so good at what she does and thats every thing.

Dj Khaled & Drake – Popstar. Good song even better video with Justin Bieber filling for Drake in the Video.

Miley Cyrus & Dua Lipa – Prisoner. Miley has come along way from her Disney days and still can entertain with one of the best in the industry Dua Lipa. This song is hot.

Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown & Ava Max – On Me. This group of stars together you know it has to shine.

David Guetta & Sia – Let Love. Sia’ s voice and David’ s vision you know it going to good.

Calvin Harris & The Weekend – Over Now. Calvin working with anyone other than Ellie Goulding you think wouldn’t be good. But the Weekend is a bad ass and makes the song good.

Lady Gaga – Stupid Love. All I have to say is it’s Gaga and she only makes hits.

Silver Sphere – Ghosts. I love the direction that the song takes, it’s good.

Chelsea Cuttler – Sad Tonight. This is a fun sad song, I like it.

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber – Monster. Canada’s two biggest Vocalists together, say no more.

Snoop Dogg, Eminen & Xzibit – Comin After You. Yes Snoop, Eminem, Xzibit put out a banger and a warning to the youngsters to put them in there place. They still can flow.

Cyn – Drinks. She makes me want to go have a few and think things through.

Dua Lipa, Maddona, Missy Elliott – Levitating. I love the original but this remix is just as good.

Selena Gomez – Dance Again. Yes Selena, I think after this pandemic is over there are alot of us that will be ready to dance again. Great song.

Ralph Tresvant & Jonny Gill – All Mine. Being a huge NE fan this song was a dream come true. Love it

Kade Brown, Swae Lee & Khaild – Be Like That. This is another calab that Kade does and it works well.

Nelly & Florida Georgia Line – Lil Bit. this country and hip hop mix works more than a lil bit.

Amy Baker & Travis Baker – C’Mon. New to Amy’s music she is so good, keeping an eye on her. Travis did a remix with Maggie Lindemann and I loved it so I knew he’d bring it for this song as well.

Cheat Codes & Mark E Bassy – Do It All Over. Cheat Codes always are on the top of there game, and this is no diffrent. Great song.

Kygo and One Republic – Lose Somebody. They just know how to make hits bot groups.

Caylee Hammack & Reba McEntire – Redhead. You just see it in the title and seeing Reba in the mix, no brainer. But Caylee blows me away with the lyrics and her powerful voice. Great song.

Little Big Town – Wine, Beer, Whisky. This is a group I’d love to have a drink with they seem so chill. Song lryics are creative and they do it well.

Jeezy, Lil Duval & Demi Lovato – My Reputation. This mix of vocals and hip hop with Demi bringing the chours is just genius.

Boys World – Girlfriend. With there being an opening for a girl group, now that fifth harmony is done. They just might be the group to do it. Cute song.

Griffin & ZOHARA – Out My Mind. vocalson this song with Griffins beat just go together so well.

I hope you enjoyed these Artist’s as mush as I did. Let me know your thoughts Questions and Oppinions, thank you very much.

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