My Music Hit List of 2020

51 Thru 75 of my favorites of 2020 (4 of 5)

Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down. This song is a style I love that Taylor goes too every once in awhile. And its always a hit.

Emme Lentino – Some Other Girl. I just been interduced to Emme and she is one hell of a artist, I will be looking for good things to come in her future.

Samantha Jade – New Boy. Samantha has been bringing it for years and stays under the radar. She continues to put out great material, this song is just proof of it.

Emily Burns – I Love You, You’re The Worst. Emily has been putting out amazing, quality music from the arangment, the cleaver lyrics and her very unique vocal styles.

Snow The Product – Tell You Like This. She always has bad ass beats and she can flow with the best of them. She’s deffinatly a BOSS.

Deacon & Nina Nesbit – Long Run. Been a fan of Nina’s for years I love her voice. The combination of, her and Deacon are an experiance. They are great together.

Malayanh – Karma. She can sing and rap like no other, and after hearing this song you wouldn’t want to cross her. She is amazing.

Anne Marie – Problems. Anne has been one of my favorites for quite sometime, because she put out great music. Love her

Gwen Stefani – Let Me Reintroduce Myself. This familar start to this song, the undialed in radio sound.. takes me back to the No Doubt days. I have been a huge fan of hers for a long time, and will be for a long time to come.

Icon For Hire -Seeds. Ariel never disapoints with the lyrics, they always have the most creative and make you think lyrics. I love them they have been doing it for quite sometime as well.

Against The Current – That Won’t Save Us. Another group with great lyrics, Crissy does an amazing job with her writing and singing. I been a fan for years and they get better every time. I love them.

Abigail Barlow – Jet Black Hearts. Abigail has been my favorite find in 2020, she is so amazing and I love her mind.

2X0 – Blame It On You. This was my favorite song comming into 2020. These Sisters are so diffrent and make great music together. Tally can spit crafty lyrics like no other and Jasmine’s voice is so sweet and smooth. The best of both worlds.

Mia Rodríguez – Phycho. Mia is another find for me this year and one hell of a find. She is amazing and has a bright future.

Ali Gatie & Alessia Cara – Welcome Back. Alessia is one of my all time favorites and I’m loving Me some Ali this year as well. Great together.

Kim Petras – Icy. I love Kim’s music, it was difficult to pick a song from her because she has so many great ones. But Icy has been on my playlist all year.

As December Falls – Afterglow. This band has had my attention for years now and they are the best people and You can’t help but root for them. They put out good music and love doing it. They are amazing artists and great people, I love this group.

NOTD & Nina Nesbit – Cry Dancing. As I mentioned that Nina has been one of my favorites, NOTD has got my attention this year. Loving this calaberation.

Gryffin & Audrey Mika – Safe With Me. Gryffin and Audrey two of my favorites together, couldn’t be happier for them both.

Tessa Violet – I Like (The Idea Of) You. I love Tessa and her style, it get no better than her if your looking for something diffrent and good to boot.

The Regretts – I Dare You. This is a refreshing and so unique group. They are absolutly amazing, I love there music so much.

Kiiara & Blackbear – So Sick. Kiiara being my absolute favorite artist of 2020, she just put out music with substance. Her lyrics are so imaginitive and she can sing like an angel. With Blackbear bringing the hip-hop edge to the song make it great.

Blackpink & Selena Gomez – Ice Cream. This uptempo song is a great blend of sugar and cream to make this song sound as good as it tastes. Such a fun and hot song.

Clean Bandit, Mabel, 24kGoldn – Tic Toc. Clean Bandit put out my favorite song with every one they release. And the amaIng vocalist Mable you know its going to be good. throw in 24kGoldn and its good as gold.

Eminem & Juice WRLD – Godzilla. Eminem goes back to his slim shaddy days and the way he flow with those off the wall lyrics. With Dre’s beats and Jucie’s unique sound it a slam dunk of a hit. RIP Juice you’ll be missed.

Too Be Continued to 76 thru 100… Press link below for 76 thru 100 artist’s.

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