Real True Love

No matter what happens in the world, love remains the same.

Don’t matter where you are in life, love heals all pain.

It is a true miracle that comes without a warning or time to prepare.

Who it chooses randomly and sometimes it doesn’t seem to be fair.

The ones that want it so bad, seem to wait the longest of all

It doesn’t see rich or poor and don’t matter if your short or tall

You can try to  look for it, but finding it come out of the blue

It has no rhyme or reason and or when it will find you.

Just know It’s out there and it will be your time soon enough.

Everyone one day gets a chance at a real true love.

By Gary Agurries

One thought on “Real True Love

  1. I hope some friends of mine find true love as I did with my husband. It is not impossible, but for some people it is more difficult plus, the older we get, the less chances. Anyway, everything is possible.

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