I’ll Be Loving You

Like the stars that shine, way up in the sky

Nothing else matters, but,you and I… Tonight

As we get lost in conversation.

Before we know it the sun begins to rise

We told each other just about our whole lives

A new days ready to begin

You know that I want you

And I know you want me too

Let’s not fight it, and do

What we both want to do, Me and You

I’ll be loving you all day till the night

I’ll be loving you the rest of my life

I’ll be loving you

I don’t have to look no more

Your everything I’ve ever looked for

I’ll be loving you

I am yours and you are mine

From now on  till the end of time

I’ll be loving you

By Gary Agurries

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Loving You

  1. Thank you for following my blog Clouds and Rain. I have another one you might like as well: The Soul of a Poet


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