Letting Go

If i cant hold you, its eaiser to push you away.

If I Can’t love you, its eaiser to run then to stay.

I’m not on who’s used to rejection

I tried to be just a friend

Then those feeling came rushing back again.

And there I go off into the deep end.

The things I said you and I know are not true.

They were eaiser to say then how I acually really do feel about you.

How I love your laugh, your smile and your kind eyes

How you crinkle your nose when you squint in the sun light.

It just like when you close your eyes to take a sip

Or how when your thinking you bite your lip.

Or when you speak in an accent it get me everytime

If I had 100 thoughts you would be 99

You get me tounge tied when you mess with me.

Your as perfect as perfect can be.

Thats when I have to face reality.

There will never be a you and me.

All that ugly stuff I said I don’t belive it.

Infact your quite the oppisite.

Your the most amazing woman i’ve ever met.

Thats what I hope you remember and never ever forget.

Just to clear things up before I go.

All these things about you I wanted you to know… before I let go

By Gary Agurries

Inspired By Ashli

4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I think life provides good content, I try to see the beauty in everytrhing. And when your look hard enough you’ll find it in just about anything. Thank you so very much and I wish you all the best. Hope we can inspire each other again in the future.


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