Not Supposed To Be

What do you do when you find something, you were never supposed to find.

When all my thoughts of you, were never supposed to ever cross my mind.

When we were never supposed to be a possibility, of anything and everything that is possible.

We were never supposed to meet, our paths were not supposed to cross at all.

In a tailspin is the universe, the zodiac is out of whack, confused are the moon and star…s

We both strayed off our given paths, we’re not lost.. here we are

How can I belive the only good thing i’ve ever known, wasn’t supposed to be in my life.

You’re a miricle, not fate blown. Out of a billion wrongs, your the only right.

On a freezing December night, you’re a single flower blooming in the snow.

In all the yuck and certain hopeless-ness, you are my only hope.

To forbid what we have, shame on fate, karma and you too destiny

How could I ever imagine you with out me, how could We exsist if we were not supposed to be.

By Gary Agurries

One thought on “Not Supposed To Be

  1. You write beautifully and sincerely. All your poems are really heartfelt. You should only improve your spelling. I hope you have someone to help you. Reading and paying close attention to how words are written down will help you write with less mistakes little by little. I also make mistakes. English is my third language after Catalan and Spanish.

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