Pleasures, Treasures, & I have Nevers

Guilty pleasures, hidden treasures, beyond no measures, and I would of nevers. these are some videos that I found searching around YouTube. I like getting out of my normal search algorithm’s and look for things other than what the computer program suggests for me. I really like doing this and find some artists that I absolutely love. Here are a few of those kind videos and song I have found this pandemic period, in the last 6 months or so .

First video is so adorable and has so many views, but even though its popularity Its never came up in any of my suggested or home page videos to view, its just a fun, back to your first love type of song and video from Claire Rosinkranz. I think it’s a cute catchy. feel good song.

Next is a video, it just hit home with me and how I go after girls out of my league. it is also a catchy, feel something kind of song by Public also very popular and never seen or suggested it for me.

Next is a guilty pleasure for me, or just a pleasure. Astrid I love her sweet seeming innocent voice and have for awhile, with NOTD it just works. On top of all that this song written with Caroline Pennell a former contestant on the TV show The Voice. I love every thing about this song

speaking of sweet voices Charlotte Lawrence has one as well and works with Alesso . this song just has a make you want to dance feel to it. Even though the contents not per say a happy one. love’d both of these artists for a while as well.

This song is a remake and done very well I have to admit. I never heard of Ritt Momney till a few weeks ago and I think he did an absolutely great job on this song. I was and still amazed what he did with it.

Song that are covers done well and keeping up with that feel good feeling. It doesn’t get any better than Dynamite by imy2. I love their version and it make me happy every time I hear it. They do covers better than anyone in my opinion, and do them at such a very high quality.

This song is a mess and its so funny to me. Teddy Swims has done a good job at this I don’t know what it is kind of song it is. All I know is it makes me laugh and has a good melody to it. I don’t know why but I love this song.

Another funny but true song, probably felt by many others including myself. It is F2020 done by avenue beat. It’s one that you have to do a double take and think did I just hear what I just heard .

I like this sad happy feeling song its done very well and going to keep my out for other songs done by miss Chelsea Cutler. I think she will have other songs I’m going to like.

Songs that were guilty pleasures from the past I have liked. Is Clairo’s Sofia. This song I loved the day I heard it and still do. even though it’s not so popular content, the song is amazing and so is she. hope you felt the same way or will too.

Another guilty pleasure from the not so long ago past is OMG. not the Ava Maxx song. although I do love that one too. its Gryffin and Carly Rae Jepson song I still get a dance, happy feeling when I hear it.

These are just a few of the hundreds of songs I like that are guilty pleasures and hidden treasures. could of gone on forever. let me know if you like these ones or your favorite guilty pleasures… I’d love to hear them. Thank you and hope you enjoy this selection of songs or any music of any kind. , Music Makes you feel that’s so real..

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