What She Is

Her beauty there is no measure, nothing on this earth can compare
She’s more priceless than any treasure, and no designer label does she wear
Her appearance doesn’t affect her, she’s ok in a t-shirt, jeans and a bun in her hair
She drinks beer from a bottle, and eats chicken wings with her hands
Very rarely will she give up control, but if she wants to dance, then just dance
How is this heavenly angel, so real so, so chill, so down to earth
She’s ok to play, I pop snaps, spray water, and shoot at her with a gun from nerf
I leave fake spiders behind for her to find, because I know she’ll laugh
Even though she is smiling, be prepared for her to get you back.
She’s flawed, damaged and scared, she’s been through some horrible shit
She keeps getting up no matter how hard, she wont ever quit
She’s amazing, smart, absolutely gorgeous, caring and then some
She’s the just right amount of Flawed Perfection.

By Gary Agurries

6 thoughts on “What She Is

  1. Wow. This is just great. It shows a real woman, too… I so get the fake spiders thing. When some love to scare, but intimidation is rare or not even there. Very sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

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