I’ll Never Find

Since I walked out and left you girl, its like I’ve stoped living.

I have all these emotions, and yet I don’t care about anything.

Theres no more magic in my world, there is nothing for me to belive in.

I sit here idling inches before the the finish line, If I don’t finish, there can’t be a new begining.

I’ve been around this track, one too many times

came to the conclusión, what i’m looking for I’ll never find.

I’ll never find, that one love again it was so perfect.

I’ll never love someone, all night long like we did.

i’ll never find a love, like we had thats so true.

I’ll never find a love, a love like I once knew.

i’ll never find a love like that in anyone, and girl that inculdes you too.

We had the most precious thing in this world, and we just let it go.

it was specialer then special, and better than unconditional.

It was a kind of love that, most people on this earth will never know.

They say never say never,

But its been so many years and my hearts still not getting better.

I keep looking for something, I found once before.

I knew Id never know love again, when you didn’t love me anymore.

By Gary Agurries

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