What Now

You went and brought feelings back into my life.

Emotions rushed in and I got that tingling feeling inside.

You helped putting me back together, piece by piece

I felt like me again, I felt almost complete

Then you rejected me, said you don’t see what I see

You built me up and then destroyed me

It made me crazy, I was doing things I normally don’t do.

Hope you know all I did was because I care about you

I wish you could trust me and see that my heart is true

I never meant any of the pain that I caused you

I’m lost, don’t know where  to go, we’re to far gone

I can feel love again, but never felt more alone

I try to right the wrong, but the worst it gets

Try to clean it up, end up making more of a mess.

Try to say the right things, but the words are not there.

I try to get back to you, but it just gets me nowhere.

I tried moving on, because that’s what your supposed to do

All these girls are missing one thing….. their not you

Their not the ones that brought back my happiness

It’s not their lips that I long to kiss

It’s not their body’s I want to hold so tight

If I’m not Loving you, it just doesn’t feel right

You put up your defences so not to get hurt again

It’s those walls that will keep true love from getting in.

By Gary Agurries

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