My 2 Very Special & Beautiful Ladies

Thank you for allowing me to share 

experiences in yours and baby girls life 

I will always be there for both of you 

Like I was before I was blinded by pride

accompanying you and Asil on those night walks

our late nite talks, I just really loved having you two here

 It was so very special for me just being around you two

Those memories will live in my mind forever

All the food we made together, shopping, and Craft projects  

I really loved helping you with Asil’s bed

Painting, decorating  And making glitter tubes holders 

for things that go on her head

Thinking about you and baby girl 

Brings nothing more than a smile to my face,

I hope you you have such an amazing time 

In your guys new place

You two have forever changed my life

That forsure there is no maybe

Because you Two are  And will forever be

 My  Two Very Special Beautiful Ladies

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