I Wanna Show You..

Verse 1:
I didn’t get much sleep..
If any,barley a wink…
Its been weighting on my mind.
Of what your going to think…
Wondering was I going to be,
all that you wanted me to be..
There no filter on a pic,
Your gonna see the real me..

Pre chours 1

I can mess up a pre thought chat…
There;s gonna be no oops and taking it back..
My heart is being to race..
Were gonna finally meet face to face..

I wanna show you
The best I am
I wanna show you
I’m all that you’d want in a man
I wanna show you
I’d treat you better than you ever been before.
I wanna show you
All that and so much more.
Just want too show you
That I’m what your looking for.

Verse 2
I’m not crazy,
And know I’m jumping too far head..

I don’t know you,
Just from your page and the messages you sent…

But girl your so smart, beautiful, funny and kind…

You that everything,
That I have been hoping to find..

Verse 3
Every thing I’ve ever wanted,
Is going to be right before me..

I’m thinking how I’m going to come off,
And don’t want to be boring..

I get to hear you speak, see you smile,
And look into those beautiful eyes..

Those are all the things I been thinking about,
That’s why I’m not get any sleep.not tonight..

Hook / Bridge

I can hope for the very best.
I pray she don’t think my life is a mess.
I want her to see me, for the man I am…

I’m hoping for a star filled night.
I’m praying I say
everything just right.
I just want to show you all I can…

I get so nervous, yet I just can’t wait…

I can’t help but to think, this could be my last first date…

By Gary A

2 thoughts on “I Wanna Show You..

  1. Chorus…. ” I want to show you….” I liked the poetry in general but I also figured that putting the dots ………. kind of rare to see, apart from how I do write some poems, so it seems I´m not alone, enjoyed the read and as always with my half neuron learn from you people

    Liked by 1 person

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