There’s This Girl

25554458by Gary Agurries

(Verse 1)

Let me tell you, a little something
About, what’s been going on in my world.
My whole being, has been consumed
By this one… in particular girl.

I love the way she talks, the way she walks,
And the way she puts her self together.

I love her big bright eyes, her outlook on life.
I just love, everything about her..

(Pre Chorus)
She got’s my head in the sky.
I dream of her all day and night
I can’t get her off my mind
Want to tell her, wait’n, for the right time

There’s this girl
Who has shook me to my core
There this girl
So always, leaves me wanting more
There this girl
That just brighten up my day
There’s this girl
That makes me feel this way..

(Verse 2)
The scent lingers, the smell of her perfume.,
Is in the air..

I glance over, I look her way..
I try not to stare…

I try to play it cool,
I try to keep my composure..

I know, I let my feelings show,
Every time … someone just mentioned her..

There this girl
I should tell her
There this girl
I need to choose the right words
There’s this girl
That should be with me
There’s this girl
I’d keep happy for an eternity


There a lot of girls in the whole world

There’s only one I’m crazy about… There’s this Girl…..


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