As an artist, you create little pieces of yourself. As such your going to be putting yourself out there. Being that it’s a direct reflection of you. Of course, you’re going to be protective. Feel.. self-consciences, vulnerable, exposed. wanting to be understood, respected, appreciated, liked, plane and simply…  Accepted

I never will intentionally write anything that brings someone down. I’m no better than anyone and I’ll never pretend I am. My shortcomings, my faults, my sins are many. But I keep my head up and know today is one filled with new experiences. And make the most of it, if not I’ll try again tomorrow. Positivity, encouragement, help build others. Spreading good vibes are infectious. You make someone feel good, they are in a better mood and make someone else feel good and so on. it’s like a happy tree,  that’s a little Bob Ross reference. Hope it made you smile, now go spread that good feeling.

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