Something About This Time

By Gary Agurries

There something about this time
I can’t shake you off my mind
The thing about this time
I don’t think I’ll be fine
I can’t think about next time
I’m not even trying
I guess it’s not this time
that You’d be forever mine..

I’m usually a positive guy
Even with that ominous sky
And it begins pouring rain
The wind kicks up Knocks me on my butt
You’d never hear me complain

But I can’t shake this feeling
I just stair at the ceiling
Reminiscing of times that we’d share
I should really be trying
But I spend my day crying
And I don’t want to go anywhere

I can’t help but feel
That I’ll never love again
I try to be normal and smile
It’s too much even to pretend
I just want to know will this heart ever mend
And if so, please tell me when
So I can start living my life….. Over again..

I hear the joy and laughter
From the others
It’s the sound made By happy lovers
It make this so dang hard
Everything is made for lover
So there can enjoy each other
That’s what I’ve discovered
Keep it together!!! don’t fall apart.

I’ll be better someday
When, I can’t even say
I just want to stay away
I’m not ready to come out and play

Antidotes, Answers, and sense of this
I’ve been trying to find..
To understand, I just can’t phatham in my mind..
Guess it was just something about this time.
By Gary Agurries

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