The kind girl I need.. revised

The Kinda Girl I Need (full Song #1.)

by Gary Agurries – 4/25/2018


Oh look at her She’s so sexy and sweet

That the kinda girl I want That’s the kinds girl I Need


I gonna find that special one, that special one for me

She’ll be everything that I had hoped and all I have dreamed

My life turned upside down, and feels so incomplete

I keep searching this whole wide world, for that kind girl I need

She’s that kinda girl, that kinda girl for me

She the one that going to make me.. oh so happy

I can eat right now not even wink of sleep

I just sit here thinking of… That kinda of girl for me

Verse 1:

The Kinda Girl I need will be there till the end

Not only as my lover, but as my best friend

A true relationship is built from trust

So being up front and not keeping secrets is a must.

What happened in the past is all behind now go

Where living for the future and your all mine so

Why would I care about some bum who couldn’t keep ya

It probably because, he didn’t know how to treat ya.

I’m a true type of gentlemen and I don’t play games

Let you know now sweetheart heart, I expect the same.

I looking for someone cute and as fun as can be

That the kinda girl, the kinda girl for me.

 Verse 2:

I find girls that fit the description, but not to a tee

She has to be just exactly, exactly what I need

I’ll accept no substitution, she has to be first string

She’ll be the one that put a hop in my step and makes my heart sing

I’m looking for forever, that everlasting true love

I know she out there, can I get some help from above

I wanna love that lasts, through the test of time

I think of her constantly, can’t get her of my mind

I don’t want a booty call, nothing short term or temporary

She’ll be it, that all for me, she’ll be the one that I marry

She don’t have to be perfect just a perfect fit for me

And that the kinda girl, that I’m going to need

I looking for her everywhere, I’m out roaming the streets

Where can she be that kinda girl for me.

 Verse 3:

The kind girl I need i want to be sweet and sincere

I want her to mean it when she ask’s, how was your day dear

I want someone who will let me love her, more than she ever dreamed

Some one who will let me spoil her and appreciate all the little things

She’ll be the love of my life, that we’d never have to pretend

She’ll be my partner day one, as well as my best Friend

Someone who want a love that will be forever, till the end

She’ll have her own opinions, and dinner plans she’ll recommend

She’ll be her own person and that would never ask her to change

The only question i have, will consist of her changing her name

So it’s as simple as anything could ever be

She’s be a good person, that’s the kinda girl I need.


I’m hoping she’ll hear this and just know is for her

I’ve looking for you baby, looking all over this world

So when you get this , you know what to do

I’ll be at kinda guy, that kinda guy just for you!

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