She Was You

I meet this woman, she’s so amazing
She loves me like I want a lover to.
She’s so beautiful and sweet, almost perfect
The only thing is, she’s not you
She shows me love and affection
Her heart is so sincere and true
I love every single about her
Except that she’s not you

You told me over and over, time and time again
That you and I, would be nothing more than just friends
I still didn’t want to believe it, even though I found someone new
I keep hoping and wish for a love, and that love would be you

Even now standing before you, looking for your blessing
In the back of my mind, I’m still hoping and wishing
That you’d say the words I want you too
But girl you never ever do
So you watch us walking away, Secretly you wishing she was you

By Gary Agurries

Love So Pandemic

I realized that my love life is like this pandemic in many ways.

  1. people are taking precautions not to get it. By covering their face or staying in doors.
  2. If you get it, its going to put you through so much pain, and discomfort.
  3. One of the things people say when they catch it is they have no taste
  4. They practice social distianceing or avoid me
  5. If it has cause you any hard ship you will be compensated.
  6. Its gotten to way more people than anyone could imagine.
  7. Always use antibactial or soap, just incase there was contact.
  8. It has people scaired and confused
  9. The whole country will try to help you and them selfs not to get it.
  10. At first know what to call it or its real name

Your Shine

I’m so very sorry I don’t know where to begin
I treated you wrongly, that’s not how you treat a friend.
When I look at you I see all the good you add to my world
I thought you were leaving, I went crazy, I was hurt
I have to do better, because you still accepted my apology
You are such an angel to see the real man in me
To keep you in my life I’d gladly take you as my friend
My world was dark and cold when I thought we had come to our end
You shined your light on me and brought me back from the dark within
You shined your light upon me and reminded me of a real true friend
I cherish every moment and won’t waste this precious opportunity
You provided the light every step of the way so I could see
I will strive to be a special friend like you are to me
I want to be worthy of that someone you would call friend
I’m so proud of you more and more, over and over, and again and again
You won’t let me go, making that bond stronger till the end of time
You are one of the most remarkable people, I have as a friend of mine
When your there for me and I’m there for you, we are so much better
When you shine, I shine. We are so bright when we shine together.

By Gary Agurries : Inspired By A-Lo

How You Effected Me

When I first seen her
I was taken back by her beauty.
As Her soft crimson kissable lips
Began to Speak to me
As I tried to take in as much as I could
Her words floated in the air.
I made eye contact, looked and listened
But I couldn’t help but just stair
I studied her dimples, the wrinkling of her nose
And all the twists and turns of her hair
How her tongue popped out quickly
When she said words like, this and there
How her eyes sparkled so bright
And her smile melted my heart
She was ever so funny, personable
Had her own opinions and was very smart.
She was amazing, absolutely perfect,
As I imagined perfect could be
Now that I’ve gotten a good look at paradise
Her paradise is the only place for me
That was a just awhile ago
And i’m still taken by her beauty
I know it will be like that,
For I will love her forever and eternity.

By Gary Agurries

Can’t Stay Away

Time shared flys by ever so fast

I always hope that, the time will last

Time spent feels like the time of my life

When I Leave, it never feels right

When We’re together, It’s so hard to go

I find so many reasons to come back tomorrow.

If you asked me to stay, I couldn’t let you down.

Even if you don’t, I always be around

I love that we have fun, laugh and play.

Thats why I Can’t Stay Away

I love to listen to what you have to say

Thats why I Can’t Stay Away

You make me feel alive in every kind of way

Thats why I Can’t Stay Away

I’ll be there for you, forever and a day

Thats why I Can’t Stay Away.

By Gary Agurries

Not Supposed To Be

What do you do when you find something, you were never supposed to find.

When all my thoughts of you, were never supposed to ever cross my mind.

When we were never supposed to be a possibility, of anything and everything that is possible.

We were never supposed to meet, our paths were not supposed to cross at all.

In a tailspin is the universe, the zodiac is out of whack, confused are the moon and star…s

We both strayed off our given paths, we’re not lost.. here we are

How can I belive the only good thing i’ve ever known, wasn’t supposed to be in my life.

You’re a miricle, not fate blown. Out of a billion wrongs, your the only right.

On a freezing December night, you’re a single flower blooming in the snow.

In all the yuck and certain hopeless-ness, you are my only hope.

To forbid what we have, shame on fate, karma and you too destiny

How could I ever imagine you with out me, how could We exsist if we were not supposed to be.

By Gary Agurries

Pleasures, Treasures, & I have Nevers

Guilty pleasures, hidden treasures, beyond no measures, and I would of nevers. these are some videos that I found searching around YouTube. I like getting out of my normal search algorithm’s and look for things other than what the computer program suggests for me. I really like doing this and find some artists that I absolutely love. Here are a few of those kind videos and song I have found this pandemic period, in the last 6 months or so .

First video is so adorable and has so many views, but even though its popularity Its never came up in any of my suggested or home page videos to view, its just a fun, back to your first love type of song and video from Claire Rosinkranz. I think it’s a cute catchy. feel good song.

Next is a video, it just hit home with me and how I go after girls out of my league. it is also a catchy, feel something kind of song by Public also very popular and never seen or suggested it for me.

Next is a guilty pleasure for me, or just a pleasure. Astrid I love her sweet seeming innocent voice and have for awhile, with NOTD it just works. On top of all that this song written with Caroline Pennell a former contestant on the TV show The Voice. I love every thing about this song

speaking of sweet voices Charlotte Lawrence has one as well and works with Alesso . this song just has a make you want to dance feel to it. Even though the contents not per say a happy one. love’d both of these artists for a while as well.

This song is a remake and done very well I have to admit. I never heard of Ritt Momney till a few weeks ago and I think he did an absolutely great job on this song. I was and still amazed what he did with it.

Song that are covers done well and keeping up with that feel good feeling. It doesn’t get any better than Dynamite by imy2. I love their version and it make me happy every time I hear it. They do covers better than anyone in my opinion, and do them at such a very high quality.

This song is a mess and its so funny to me. Teddy Swims has done a good job at this I don’t know what it is kind of song it is. All I know is it makes me laugh and has a good melody to it. I don’t know why but I love this song.

Another funny but true song, probably felt by many others including myself. It is F2020 done by avenue beat. It’s one that you have to do a double take and think did I just hear what I just heard .

I like this sad happy feeling song its done very well and going to keep my out for other songs done by miss Chelsea Cutler. I think she will have other songs I’m going to like.

Songs that were guilty pleasures from the past I have liked. Is Clairo’s Sofia. This song I loved the day I heard it and still do. even though it’s not so popular content, the song is amazing and so is she. hope you felt the same way or will too.

Another guilty pleasure from the not so long ago past is OMG. not the Ava Maxx song. although I do love that one too. its Gryffin and Carly Rae Jepson song I still get a dance, happy feeling when I hear it.

These are just a few of the hundreds of songs I like that are guilty pleasures and hidden treasures. could of gone on forever. let me know if you like these ones or your favorite guilty pleasures… I’d love to hear them. Thank you and hope you enjoy this selection of songs or any music of any kind. , Music Makes you feel that’s so real..

What She Is

Her beauty there is no measure, nothing on this earth can compare
She’s more priceless than any treasure, and no designer label does she wear
Her appearance doesn’t affect her, she’s ok in a t-shirt, jeans and a bun in her hair
She drinks beer from a bottle, and eats chicken wings with her hands
Very rarely will she give up control, but if she wants to dance, then just dance
How is this heavenly angel, so real so, so chill, so down to earth
She’s ok to play, I pop snaps, spray water, and shoot at her with a gun from nerf
I leave fake spiders behind for her to find, because I know she’ll laugh
Even though she is smiling, be prepared for her to get you back.
She’s flawed, damaged and scared, she’s been through some horrible shit
She keeps getting up no matter how hard, she wont ever quit
She’s amazing, smart, absolutely gorgeous, caring and then some
She’s the just right amount of Flawed Perfection.

By Gary Agurries

Just An Addict….

Once you get a taste, you’re hooked for the rest of your life.

You’ll chase that feeling, there is nothing like it’s High.

No dealer to sell it, you can’t grow your own

You don’t think about it, till your all alone

You’ll wonder the streets, maybe you’ll get lucky and score

They say if you look for it you’ll never find what your looking for.

It don’t care if your rich or poor, real weak or super tuff.

You’ll never crave any thing so bad as this emotional drug. Called love.

I want it, I need it, I really really have to have it.

Hello I’m Gary and I’m a Love Addict.

By Gary Agurries